Get Order Status - ShipRight



If an order is successfully posted, a Link header will be returned with an URL that can be used to retrieve the status of the order.

Link: for a 201 response and

Link: for a 202 response.

The request must be accompanied by an SRS-ApiKey header with a valid API key.

JSON and XML responses are supported. The format will vary depending on status.  These are the supported statuses:

Status Meaning
Pending This is the status for an Accepted order, i.e. pending processing.
InProcess The order is being made ready for shipping.
Shipped The order has shipped.
PartiallyShipped Part of the order was shipped. The remaining order items will be shipped when available.
Canceled The order was cancelled and will not ship.
BackOrdered The item(s) in the order were not in stock and will ship when available.