Getting Started - ShipRight


The order fulfillment API gives developers a simple REST API for posting orders to ShipRight for processing. Orders are placed in ShipRight’s order management system as soon as they are received.

Before building your own integration with us, be sure to check our E-Commerce Platforms page for a list of platforms we already support. If your platform is listed, you can go right to Request API Integration.



These pages will provide everything you need to build a connection to our REST API. If you are ready to start setting up and testing your integration with us, go here to request an API key. We will send you an API key that has access to our test database, along with any needed client specific information. At least one test order will need to be submitted to our test database, before we can enable access to the production database. Once we have enabled access to production, one more test order will need to be submitted.
Client Specific Information
All orders submitted to us require certain fields to be populated with specific information. ShipRight assigns various identifiers to each client in order to keep track of things like acceptable payment options, shipping methods, order source, etc. These are values you will need to get from ShipRight:

Field Description
ownerCode A 2 character code identifying a specific ShipRight client. Example: ‘SR’.
shipVia Shipping methods acceptable to the client. Example: ‘RG1’ .  If either the length is greater than 6 characters or is invalid, the API will set the code to a default of ‘RG1’.
orderSourceId A 1 character code identifying your web site/shopping cart/CRM. This is specific to each Ship-Right client. Example: ‘5’.
paymentMethodCode This is a 1 character code specifying a payment type accepted by our mutual clients. Example: ‘M’.



Any request to an API endpoint requires an API key. The key is used to authenticate your application and track requests. It is passed through a custom header, SRS-ApiKey. A request with an invalid API key results in a 403 status code.

If you lose the API key, you’ll have to request that it be reset. ShipRight does not store the key once it’s been issued.

An API key can be obtained from ShipRight by filling out the form here.

The API key will be emailed to the contact email and can be used with both test and production API endpoints. Initially, access to the production endpoint will be disabled.


Only requests through an SSL connection are allowed. The G2 SSL Certificate for is signed by Go Daddy.  As of this writing:

Version 3
Serial Number 9c b8 b0 70 7c 9c 5e 91
Signature Algorithm sha256RSA
Issuer C = US, S = Arizona, L = Scottsdale, O =, Inc., OU =, CN = Go Daddy Secure Certificate Authority – G2
Validity From:  2020-March-09
To:      2021-March-03

A non-SSL request results in a 403 status code.