Warning and Errors - ShipRight



A successful post may result in warnings. Warnings are returned with a status code of 199, miscellaneous warning. For example, an order posted to the API with an invalid SKU will not stop processing but will result in an informational ‘Unknown SKU’ warning.  The order has been successfully saved to ShipRight’s order management system.   Errors will always halt processing and return a message and one of these status codes:

Error Description Example
400, bad request Returned if order validation fails. Validation will fail if order data is missing, invalid data is passed, or required fields are missing. {“InvalidOrder”:{“Customer.first and last”:”fullName OR first and last are required”}}
403, Forbidden Caused by an invalid or deactivated API key “Required API key is missing or invalid.”
500, internal server error Internal Server Error. This message is intentionally vague in order to help prevent the leakage of information that may be used to compromise customer data. “An internal error has occurred. Contact ShipRight for help and reference id 123456”
501, not implemented Request includes data not currently setup for this company. “Discover payment not supported, D” where D is thepaymentMethodCode.